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Jose Mourinho turns detective as he 'hides microphone' on touchline to record 'angry' ref Empty Jose Mourinho turns detective as he 'hides microphone' on touchline to record 'angry' ref

周五 五月 05, 2023 1:57 am
Famed for his mind games and tapping into tricks of the trade for his success, managerial mastermind Jose Mourinho admitted to recording referees 'to protect himself'

Roma manager Jose Mourinho will spare no expense in his efforts to achieve success - which includes recording his conversations with officials.

The former Chelsea, Real Madrid and Manchester United tactician admitted to using a personal device 'to protect himself' during Wednesday's 1-1 draw away to Monza. And the Portuguese may be glad he did after raging with referee Daniele Chiffi for some of his decisions and general attitude at the U-Power Stadium.

Turkish defender Zeki Celik was shown a second yellow card in the 95th minute as the Giallorossi ended with 10 men on the field to mark a third straight game without a win. Mourinho's men dropped to seventh in Serie A and are now two points outside the top four as a result, leading to him taking aim at those in charge.

"I am not stupid, I went to the game with a microphone and recorded everything from the moment I left the dressing room until I returned. I had to protect myself,” he told reporters after the draw. “They say we never win with Daniele Orsato, but I’d rather have him in every game because he’s always in control.

"He doesn’t need to act angrily, he is calm. Chiffi doesn’t have much of a referee. He has a talent for getting angry and this is it. But this is against the referee’s nature, who must be exactly the opposite.

"The referee didn’t influence the result, but a second yellow card at minute 96, makes you understand everything."

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From the man who

hid in a laundry basket to deliver team instructions
while suspended, recording conversations mid-match seems fairly low on the controversy scale. That being said, Italy's top referees may not like the thought of their conversations with 'The Special One' being so closely monitored in future.

Only Davide Massa (80) has distributed more than Chiffi's 61 cautions so far this Serie A season. However, there are numerous referees - nine of whom have officiated 10 games or more - who are averaging more yellows per game than Chiffi in the current campaign.

As for any personal vendettas he might have against Mourinho or his club specifically, Roma actually boast one of the best disciplinary records among teams Chiffi has officiated this term (three yellow cards from two games).

Roma could still gain entry to next season's Champions League should they win the Europa League, where they meet Bayer Leverkusen in the semi-finals this month. However, Mourinho was in no mood to look on the bright side as he didn't hold back in his criticism of Chiffi.

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