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Women's Role in Contemporary Korea Empty Women's Role in Contemporary Korea

周一 4月 17, 2023 8:20 am
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nterprising women are everywhere in South Korean film and television. In “The Handmaiden”, a film by Park Chan-wook, two women team up to take revenge on their male tormentors and eventually elope as a couple. “Crash-landing On You”, a television series that had the country glued to its screens this year, features a chaebol heiress who cuts ties with her family to set up her own business and ends up romancing a North Korean pianist. The driving force in “Parasite” is the twenty-something daughter of a poor family who is fed up with life in a dingy basement.
In traditional Korean society, women's roles were confined to the home. From a young age, women were taught the virtues of subordination and endurance to prepare for their future roles as wife and mother. Women, in general, could not participate in society as men did, and their role was limited to household matters.

The situation began to change with the opening of the country to the outside world during the late 19th century. During this period modern schools were introduced, mostly by Western Christian missionaries. Some of these schools were founded with the specific goal of educating women. These educated women began to engage in the arts, teaching, religious work, and enlightening other women. Women also took part in the independence movement against the Japanese occupation, and displayed no less vigor, determination, and courage than the men.

With the establishment of the Republic of Korea in 1948, women achieved constitutional rights for equal opportunities to pursue education, work, and public life. There is no doubt that the female labor force contributed significantly to the rapid economic growth that Korea achieved during the past three decades. An increasing number of women work in professional fields.
Are you in Korea and single? Do you want to find the right partner for you but are afraid of a myriad of ideas about Korean culture and its women? Do you also need some do’s and don’ts or general information about dating a Korean girl? You are at the right place! In this blog, we will walk you through a complete guide of things you’d wish you had known before about dating a Korean woman. So let’s get started!
After trying for over a year to persuade more South Korean women to have babies, Chung Hyun-back says one reason stands out for her failure: “Our patriarchal culture.” Ms. Chung, who was tasked by the previous government with reversing the country’s plummeting birthrate, knows firsthand how tough it is to be a woman in South Korea. She chose her career over nuptials and children. Like her, millions of young women have been collectively spurning motherhood in a so-called birth strike.

A 2022 survey found that more women than men — 65 percent versus 48 percent — don’t want children. They’re doubling down by avoiding matrimony (and its conventional pressures) altogether. The other term in South Korea for birth strike is “marriage strike.”

The trend is killing South Korea. For three years in a row, the country has recorded the lowest fertility rate in the world, with women of reproductive age having fewer than one child on average. It reached the “dead cross,” when deaths outnumbered births, in 2020, nearly a decade earlier than expected.
Chun Woo-won, 27, visited Gwangju cemetery and said sorry for the crackdown on a democracy uprising that killed at least 200 people
New York-based Chun has attracted media coverage for accusing his relatives of corruption in his YouTube and Instagram live-streams
Chun Woo-won, grandson of former South Korean president Chun Doo-hwan has apologised for his grandfather’s actions. Photo: AFP
Chun Woo-won, grandson of former South Korean president Chun Doo-hwan has apologised for his grandfather’s actions. Photo: AFP
The grandson of former South Korean military dictator Chun Doo-hwan apologised Friday for a massacre committed in the 1980s, a move hailed by victims and analysts as symbolic and significant.
Chun Woo-won, 27, became the first member of his family to visit the Gwangju cemetery and say sorry for the 1980 crackdown on a democracy uprising, which killed about 200 people, according to official estimates.
New York-based Chun has attracted widespread media coverage in South Korea for accusing his relatives of corruption in his YouTube and Instagram live-streams.

Enterprising women are increasingly visible in the real Korea, too. More young women are earning university degrees than men. More than 70% of women between 25 and 34 are active in the workforce. Young women are far more vocal than previous generations in challenging the conservative social mores that hold them back.

Under the post-war dictatorship, South Korea’s growth model relied on a clear division of labour: men did military service and went out to work, women raised the children and did the housework. What paid work women did tended to be subordinate to men’s, serving, for instance, to pay for their brothers’ education. Adverts often stated that applicants must have completed military service, effectively excluding women. Such rules were abolished as part of the democratisation of the late 1980s. And Korean women are now far too well-educated to submit meekly to second-class status. But they still face barriers in the labour market, and are expected to do the bulk of housework and child care. Many are extremely unhappy about this. A rising number are opting out of marriage and motherhood entirely.
As economic development proceeded and the living conditions of Koreans improved, the educational attainment level of women also increased. In 1966, among those graduating from elementary school, only 33 percent of girls continued their education in middle school. The comparable figures for high school and university were 20 percent and 4 percent, respectively, during the same period. However, by 1998, the comparable ratios reached 99.5 percent and 61.6 percent for high school and university. The economic participation rate of women also has increased steadily since industrialization from 34.4 percent in 1965 to 48.1 percent in 1999.

In terms of characteristics of the female labor force, in 1975, only 2 percent of the female labor force worked in professional or managerial occupations, while 4 percent worked in clerical positions. However, by 1998, 12.6 percent of female employees were serving in professional or managerial positions, and another 16 percent were working in clerical occupations.

With an increasing number of women entering professional jobs, the government passed the “Equal Employment Act” in 1987 to prevent discriminatory practices against female workers in regard to hiring and promotion opportunities.

Korean women today are actively engaged in a wide variety of fields, including education, medicine, engineering, scholarship, the arts, law, literature, and sports. Women are thus making significant contributions to society.
Dating A Korean Girl
Would you like to date a charming Korean girl? Or are you planning on visiting Korea this summer, and you’re curious about the dating environment there?

Whatever the case might be, this article will give you certain insights into Korean dating culture, which will definitely help you become more confident when trying to approach a Korean girl.

While dating in Korea is still the same as in the rest of the world, some aspects of Korean culture come into play in Korean dating that you need to be aware of.

Dating in Korea becomes much easier when you are respectful of these boundaries. We would like to add that this article is purely meant for informative purposes and is not meant to objectify girls in Korea.

While some things are stereotypical in the Korean dating culture, it does not mean they apply to all Korean girls.
Now, about half of the country’s 228 cities, counties and districts risk losing so many residents they might vanish. Day care centers and kindergartens are being converted into nursing homes. Ob-Gyn clinics are closing, and funeral parlors are opening. At Seoksan Elementary School, in rural Gunwi County, the student body has shrunk from 700 pupils to four. When last I visited, the children couldn’t even form a soccer team.
Jung Se-young and Baeck Hana, two twenty-something women who live on their own in Seoul, are a case in point. Last year they set up a YouTube channel about single living after meeting at a feminist discussion group. They regale their 40,000 subscribers and tens of thousands more casual viewers with tales of blissful holidays free of the obligation to cook for a roomful of male family members. They also offer practical advice for living a happy and successful single life, including investment advice and budgeting tips for solo living in Seoul’s expensive housing market.
With the launch of the new Administration in 1998, the Presidential Commission on Women’s Affairs was established to handle issues specifically involving women. The commission was elevated and expanded to become the Ministry of Gender Equality in January 2001. The new ministry set up 20 specific tasks to be achieved in six basic areas. These areas are: to revise and establish laws and rules that involve discrimination in any sector and to increase the representation of women, to facilitate women’s employment and provide support for female workers, to increase educational opportunities for women to be competitive in the labor market, to provide social welfare policies for women, to promote women’s involvement in various social activities including volunteer work and women’s organization activities, and to strengthen the cooperation of Korean women’s organizations with international women’s organizations.

Author: Korean Overseas Information Service (KOIS).
Why Date Korean Girls?
It can take days to discuss why a Korean woman is right for you. However, if you want the first impression about Korean girls without traveling all the way to Korea, you are in for a treat. Here are a few traits that you might find attractive in Korean women.

1. Elegant And Pretty
You might have come across K-pop stars or Korean models having millions of followers online as people obsess over how beautiful they are. A Korean girl typically has a cute broad face with a petite figure which are also a part of Korean beauty standard. They have a sweet and soft voice which men always adore. Not only that, Korean women have the best taste in fashion.



They aren’t dressed provocatively, but at the same time, it is striking to the eye. They are elegant in their walk, and they have a really strong presence without having to try at all. They generally have fair complexions with clear skin and average height. Korean girls do not like to use much makeup, just enough to enhance their own natural beauty.

2. Friendly And Open-Minded
Generally, all Korean girls are social and want to meet new people. They are open to new experiences like trying different foods, going to new places, going on adventures, and whatnot. They are really nice to talk to and are always up to having a fun conversation if you are an interesting person. You can’t keep yourself from complimenting them.

Moreover, they aren’t stubborn to not get someone else’s point of view in a discussion. They are open to changing their mind if they are convinced of someone else’s argument. Korean women are perfect for you if you are looking for a fun, social partner for a vacation or just a friend to go to that event.

3. Personality
Personality is the most attractive feature of a person, and the thing that’s amazing about women in Korea is how they have strong charismatic personalities. You can have hours-long conversations with Korean women and still want more at the end.

There are so many layers to their personality, you can spend a lifetime with them, and you’ll still find an undiscovered part of them which is amazing. You can learn a lot from them about their culture, history, art, and about the world in general. They are avid readers and oceans of knowledge.

4. Housewife Skills
While being strong and independent women, Korean girls are great housekeepers. They might seem to use Korean slang words and give off little macho vibes, but it’s hard to come across a Korean girl who doesn’t like cooking. They are clean and always keep their things organized which is hard to do in the fast-paced life we live nowadays.

They are loyal to their partners and understanding. They will only get married and settle down if they trust the person. A Korean woman would never have kids unless she knows she is ready to take responsibility financially and emotionally.

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